Monday, 7 January 2013

7th – 13th January – painting plan

Every Monday morning (or afternoon if I’m being lazy) I’m going to post a list of my goals for the coming week.

I’m a sucker for planning things out and, although there’s always a danger I will spend too much time making lists (Don’t forget the dots. The James likes dots!) and not enough time painting, being organised gets me geared up for the work ahead.

I have all sorts of projects left over from 2012 that need doing at the moment, so it’s a bit of a mixed bag this week.

Monday to Friday

The great maw is calling out to me, and it's angry! It knows I have had a load of Ogres built and undercoated for a month or so now and they really would benefit from a lick of paint to get them battle ready! So, this week I will mostly be painting:

  • 3 Ogre Kingdoms Ironbreakers
  • 11 Ogre Kingdoms Bull
  • 6 Ogre Kingdoms converted Bull Pirates

20 Ogres in all, but I am going to be batch painting them, which should really speed things up. I'm more scared by the 55 Gnoblars I also need to paint at some time. :(

Saturday and Sunday

If by some beautiful stroke of luck I get the Dark Angels I’ve ordered on Saturday then I will be clipping them from the sprues and sticking them together over the weekend. If they don’t arrive, I have a Dwarf Blood Bowl team of 16 players, a ref and a cheerleader ready to go instead.

I'll report back on Sunday evening with a roundup of how I did over the week, and of course I'll be posting updates throughout the week to show what I've been painting.


  1. You've gotta love the Batch batch painting, it is your friend.

    I shall have six models finished by Wednesday. Hussar. Super secret ones for Alessio C!

  2. You have friends in all the right places. :)