Monday, 7 January 2013

Aim for the Head! Do it! Mantic Games Z-corp

Sometimes the easiest, quickest, kit-bashing paint jobs are the best. Months ago now the Mantic Games lads landed at my door, bearing last minute paint job 'gifts' for me. How kind of them.

They'd formulated a Halloween promotion pack: the Z-corp. A simple idea - corporation trooper sprues and Kings of War Zombie sprues (really nice fantasy Zombies) combined. Just stick them together and paint them up all messy and zombie-like they said. And then they scarpered while I was still thinking "ah messy and zombie-like... sounds like Nurgley shenanigans to me, mmm fester-licious."

Bleedin' hobby ninjas!

It wasn't, in the end, a bad thing though. Both kits are of simple 4-5 piece minis. Although the kits were not designed to be assembled with one another you can, with a few minutes gentle persuasion with a set of clippers, make them want to fit together. Honestly no swear words or missing finger tips were involved, Scout's honour. The result works a treat. Great for any sci fi game and especially, dare I say it, Chaos Cultists!

They were almost as quick to paint. Messy painting (Nurgley) is the most forgiving of all painting techniques. Yes it is a technique. Not a lack of skill... Really pleased with the result and they genuinely were a pleasure to do.

A Zombie Marine

Build your own horde

So I should get to the point of the blog. Look at my stuff again, I rock. Honest... stop tutting. Wait, no, there's more!

It looks like the Mantic boys have started the Zcorp offer again. You can pre-order 35 of their Zombie Apokalypse Marines for £24.99. If you need hordes of witless cannon fodder to throw at your enemies, for minimum expense, with a cool zombie styling added in, then get in on the action!

If you are an even bigger cheapskate, they are running a competition where you can win a Zombie Apokalypse Mega Army. And all you have to do is fill in a form. Bazzinga!

Zombie Marines