Friday, 11 January 2013

Awesome FW models and exciting GW demon rumours

I'm all about the planning. It doesn't matter that I have hundreds of models to paint and more on their way already - I need more of my hobby crack cocaine!

Far too frequently the evil dealers at Forge World have been preying on my weakness and lightening my wallet of late and it looks like a few of their next releases will find a home on my painting desk straight away.

Deathshroud Terminators

Cream of the crop are the Deathshroud Terminators - Mortarion's personal bodyguard. The moment I saw them I realised that a pre-heresy (or during heresy, not sure exactly just yet) Death Guard force probably lay in my future. I'll be getting 10 of them... at least.

Deathshroud Terminators

Deathshroud Terminator

And then Forge World released photos of their new Night Goblin command set today. Well, I had seen the shaman at Games Day and been mighty curious, but throw in that cool battle standard bearer and flat out awesome Warboss on Cave Squig and my money is already spent. I have no need for them, but I have a neeeeeeed for them. Thankfully I have always been quite efficient at painting gobbos, so I should be able to get them done quite quickly. Perhaps two sets make sense. Oh dear!

Night Goblin command set

Night Goblin command set
You can see more of these and the new Cerberus Heavy Tank Destroyer at the Forge World website.

Demons are a comin'

To make matters worse (for my bank balance, not my excitement levels) the folks in rumourville are suggesting that new Demons of Chaos are GW's big release next month. Obviously rumours are just that, but some reliable folk are letting slip some juicy details. I'm quite excited because I love me some Chaos fun and used to run a dirty Tzeench flying circus army back in the days when they were really dirty (before learning the errors of my filthy ways). News of more Chaos models is pretty spiffy.

Some of what could be incoming:

  • A Khorne chariot / fire belching demon engine dual plastic kit
  • A Tzeentch chariot plastic kit
  • Nurgle palanquin plastic kit
  • Furies plastic kit

Khorne symbol

Greater demons

Most exciting of all perhaps - plastic greater demons! All four of them are on the way apparently, along with variant parts to make them into named demons. Oooooh yeah! This one has added credence from the fact that certain online retailers seem to be trying to shift out their stock of the existing greater demons. I'm not expecting all four chaos powers to get one released at once, but the potential of some impressive and iconic new plastic kits has me pretty excited.

Damn it, I don't even have the new Dark Angels yet and I'm planning for the next releases.

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