Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Clearing my mini mountain - The first three minis

Thanks to Dave Taylor for his comment in my last post. Checking his numbers against my list has revealed that the first of my many old minis to be painted will be:

  • Sigismund The Emperor's Champion - Games Workshop
  • Malifaux Rat - Wyrd Miniatures
  • The Baroness - JoeK Minis
This isn't too challenging for me to get started with - none are too complex and two are already prepped, which is a major bonus! Over the next few weeks (perhaps less time if I get inspired) I'll be working on these between bigger projects. Some little treats to keep me sane while I bash out armies!

Sigismund The Emperor's Champion

Aaargh! More black! Sick of painting all this black. ;) Nah, it's all good really and painting a single miniature black is a different kind of challenge to the large Ravenwing vehicles I've been doing of late.

This model has been in my collection for many years and it will be nice to splash some paint on him. I think he'll get a fairly standard paint scheme and I'll just go for a clean, classic job on him.

Malifaux Rat

The rat is part of a Hamelin crew I never got around to painting. It's intended for gaming, but because the number of models in each crew is small I'll usually do a high-tabletop standard on them, treating them as individual single minis.

I will be picking out some of the Wyrd models I do over the next few months to enter in the Wyrd Miniatures 2013 painting comp on WAMP. There's plenty of time for that though. The closing date is 31 March.

The Baroness

This is from JoeK Minis, a cool range of figures that are well worth a look. Granted, Joe's a friend of mine, so I am somewhat forced to say this, but the range is really funky so I don't even feel bad about singing his praises!

I meant to paint this undead lady a while back. In fact I remember exactly when I was going to paint her - it was when the first episode of The Walking Dead computer game was released. I decided it might be interesting to paint her in a similar style to the characters in it, with black lining for a cell shaded kind of look. Not sure if I'll still do that, but I'll give it consideration.

So, hopefully I'll have some updates on these soon. :)

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