Sunday, 13 January 2013

Dark Talon and Nephilim Jetfighter WIP

After a hefty bit of trimming and gluing I'm underway with painting the new Dark Angels. First up are their two new flyers. I can't work out if I've made good progress with these or not just yet, but I'm happy with how the bits I've done look.  I need to add some washes to give the stone parts extra depth and smoothness still and the metal obviously needs washing too.

The plan is to do all the black next. Most of the stone parts on the Dark Talon are removable, I've just Blu-Tacked them in place for the photos, but I'll have to mask the part on top, the wing details and the angel on the tail before progressing with painting.

I'm going to spray some subtle grey highlights on with my airbrush. Nothing too stark or heavy and I'll use a line of card to mask spots as I go (which I will hopefully show in a tutorial type thing soon). This should give a bit of depth to the main structure of the jets before I add edge highlights to really define their shape.

Once that's done, I'll finish off the other details, then add some grime and weathering and I think things will be pretty much done. Well, on these at least. There are plenty more new Dark Angels waiting for some attention! 

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  1. These are stunning even in their incomplete state. I;m not sure if it's your camera and the lighting but I have never seen a more vivid black on a model in my life. I will be following your blog keenly.