Saturday, 26 January 2013

Dark Vengeance Deathwing Terminators - Finished pics

I've had these models sitting around since I bought up a few copies of the Limited Edition Dark Vengeance. I managed to paint a complete force for the Chaos contingent from the game, but until now I hadn't put in any work on the Marines still loyal to the Emperor. With the practice I'd had on the Knights, command squad and tanks I figured it made sense to get them done and I really enjoyed painting them.

Vote for them at CMoN if you fancy.

It really is amazing how far GW's boxed game models have come since the days of clunky looking one-pose Marines, Orks and Gretchin!

I've taken a shot of all the Deathwing that I've done recently as a group and it's moments like this when I feel a good old surge of satisfaction. Seeing a load of cohesive minis together in a big old group makes every bit of effort worthwhile.

It's at CMoN too.

These final guys may be the 'lesser-quality' ones from the boxed game but they really stand up. What a hardcore unit and the assault cannon Termie is a true classic in my mind. I usually like action poses, but this one strikes a chord with me because it's a really perfect badass pose. He just looks like someone you wouldn't mess with. I have a second version of this model and I'm considering slowing down and having a go at a high quality single mini paint job on him. That will have to wait for now though because...

More flyers are on the painting desk

I am on the way with a new aerial squadron to add to the first stuff I did for the new Dark Angels. As you can see, it's early days but I've done the cockpits and first highlights on a Dark Talon and a Nephilim Jetfighter. I opted for a covered canopy this time rather than clear so I could add a spot colour accent of green. I'm pretty happy with how that worked out.

Rather than do the Dark Talon's cathedral styled parts in stone I'll be following the look of an alternate version shown in the Codex. It has golden details and looks pretty snazzy.

And I'm also working on two Stormraven Gunships as well. Only one is photographed here, but I've done the canopy effect on the other.

This one is going to be for the Blood Angels Death Company so I'm painting it at the same time as the Ravenwing ones, what with the blackness it needs. I'll add some red markings and some sort of skull freehand imagery as well I think. There are some fairly big flat areas to play with. As with all vehicles, the trick is going to be to make sure that the illustrative parts fit into the look of the vehicle. I hate when big models essentially just become slightly awkwardly shaped canvases for people to show off their freehand on!

Stormraven number two will be painted red, so I'll do that when I've finished up these others.

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