Friday, 18 January 2013

Deathwing Knights - Finished pics

I feel a bit mixed about the job I've done on these. I'm not unhappy with them at all, but before I got going I planned to make them look a bit darker and more badass and hardcore. I'm also thinking that perhaps some weathering would have been an interesting addition, but I'm marking them off as done regardless. The last thing I want to do is overwork them (and I have tons of extra Dark Angels to do).

I painted them in sub-assemblies to make my life easier. The front tabard parts are a separate piece to the main armour back part, which is an absolute godsend! I painted them completely in bone, then I popped the tabard part out, masked the faces and top part of armour with Blu-Tack and sprayed the tabards green.

It really sped up the painting time a good amount. I also kept the arms off the models until I was finished with all the base colours to make life easier for myself.

Should you feel like voting for the Knights they are on CMoN


  1. Some awesome stuff here! Keep it up, am looking forward to more.

    Matt (Power Armoured Metal)

    1. Cheers Matt,

      Am going at crazy speed right now with my painting and it will probably calm down a bit as the year goes on, but I have lots of plans for hobby fun ahead. :)

  2. You jammy get! I get to swelter in Turkey and you get to paint minis! and nice ones...theres no justice!

    Nice ones dude