Thursday, 24 January 2013

Deathwing Land Raider - Finished pics

And here's my second Land Raider, a standard one this time.

I seem to be getting a bit of a second wind as far as energy goes (it may be the massive sugar dose I just consumed in the form of a very tasty chocolate muffin) so I'll try and describe some techniques I used a bit better.

The main body is painted with an airbrush, picking out edges and light hotspots in lighter tones. I use a piece of card to form a simple and easilly maneuverable mask. As I progress the highlights I use it to create sharply defined breaks between light highlights and dark tones, which gives the tank extra depth and volume.

The chipping was added by dabbing foam (the stuff that used to come with Citadel Miniatures) onto edges and parts that would naturally get a lot of wear and tear. I did this in dark brown paint, then over that I added some silver on the most heavily exposed parts.

I worked out a new trick today too. Using the same foam technique I added masking fluid under the areas where I put the symbols. I then made some stencils and sprayed in various logo designs (the swords, the numbers, the scroll, etc.) and once I was done, I rubbed off the masking fluid to simulate wear and tear. Normally I'd have added the mask with a brush, but this new method gave a finish that better matched the previous battle damage. I'll be using it again.

You can vote for the Land Raider at CMoN.

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