Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Forge World new releases are ordered!

More minis have been bought in the form of new Forge World releases. Hip hip hooray, it's a happy holiday!

Normally I'd head to Warhammer World to get the models but I'm staying away from Nottingham for a while right now so I've had to get them shipped. I don't know how quickly new releases get delivered, but I'm hoping to have them by Monday 28th at the latest. If anyone reading this has experience of FW deliveries please let me know in the comments. :) Hopefully the casting quality will be fine.

Forge World order
Yes, please take all my money Mr Forge World!

Of course, their free delivery on orders over £250 ensured that I didn't just put in for the new stuff. I also got 9 K'Daai Fireborn to boost the total and save myself some pennies... by spending more pennies. Damn you Forge World!

K'Daai Fireborn unit
These guys are gonna look pretty darned tootin' once I have them in a giant unit like this

I'll add these half demon, half magma beasts to a FW Chaos Dwarf army that's been built and waiting for paint since they were first released. As part of my 'tidy up and paint all my old stuff' mission for this year I'll be painting the army in March (ish... probably!). I may do the Fireborn before the army, because I have an Incarnate Elemental of Fire that has needed paint since I got it at Games Day and it makes sense to do the flamey things all together.

Anyway, watch out for some Horus Heresy type Termies and lots of characterful goblins from me next week. For now I'm back to painting tanks and flyers.

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