Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Lots of vehicular goodies on the go

I slacked off a fair bit yesterday and only did a small amount of painting. I was due a break after the madness of the Dark Angels though, so I don't feel too bad about it. It gave me a chance to browse the internet and catch up on some reading, but I did do a little bit of paint work on vehicles.

To show how I progress and how many sub-assembly parts I have broken my vehicles down to I've snapped some pictures.

Land Raider and Land Raider Crusader

As you can see from the main body parts, I've left the side and roof off so that I can paint the interior on these. I just fancy having that extra level of detail on the Land Raiders because it's quite practical in a game to flip open the mechanical doors and have your Terminators emerging (and it looks rather cool too).

By leaving the roof and right side off (the left side is the best one to fix in place because the mechanism for the opening door is located within it) I'll be able to paint that interior pretty easilly, then I can finally glue it all together.

Ive done all the work I can for now on the tank tracks and will add them once the main body of the tank is painted. They will then be weathered and finished off. The side weapons were built up after I'd painted them in the metal colours and they still need much more work to add depth and detail.

Land Raider parts

Weapons and tank tracks

Storm Talon and Nephilim Jetfighter

When I made the first two of these I didn't fix the wings in place, but I've decided that there's no reason to keep them separtate this time around. In fact, the majority of these flyers are all glued together.

A few jets and metal details are split off from the main body, and I'm going to paint the monestary type bits on the Storm Talon in gold this time after seeing an alternate paint scheme in the Codex.

I've painted the canopies on them this time around because I want to try and do a reflected sky sort of effect. This is inspired by someone who commented on the pics of my Jetfighter, so thank you to them!

Storm Talon and Nephilim Jetfighter


Stormraven Gunships

I'm still not decided on what scheme to go for with these flying tanks. I am considering doing one for the Death Company, because I'll be painting the Ravenwing flyers black anyway. This would give me an opportunity to add some pretty cool skull designs to the body of the ships and the more I think about the more likely that's becoming.

I'm not going to bother with the interior on these as it seems less necessary. They are going to be on flying stands for the most part.

As you can see, these ones are broken down quite a bit and I've worked on all of the dirty metal parts, the main workings of the machine. I've applied an oxidised look to the engine thrusters and will finish this off with inks once the sub-assemblies are all fixed together. I've not decided exactly how much of the weapons will be metal and how much will be coloured casing, hence me leaving them for now.

Oh, on thing worth noting - I've not glued the left sides of the Stormraven in place yet, I just forgot to remove them in the photo. This is so I can add in the engine thrusters at the front once I've painted the main parts of the vehicle.

Stormraven parts

Stormraven metal bits

Deathwing Terminators

Eventually I'll get these guys done too. I may paint the basic armour colours as I do the Land Raiders.

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