Saturday, 5 January 2013

Merry new blog watsits... and hello!

Well, it would appear that people have again seen fit to allow me another method of interacting with the real world... Huzzah!

Many of you may know who I am, but, for those fortunate out there in the big bad hobby world who have never stumbled in to my ample shadow at events, tournaments, etc. allow my self to introduce... my erm self...

My name is Paul Scott. I am more commonly known out there to you lot as Geordie Paul or Slotty. I fell into wargaming and modelling way back in the 80s. Yes there was an 80s many moons ago. White Dwarf hooked me on to miniatures at the age 10. From that day I really never allowed myself to gain too much interest in anything else, I mean come on... the older I get the more legitimate it is for me to still play with toy soldiers. It rocks.

This led me to work for Games Workshop for 12 years, in which I did work for White Dwarf, Forge World, Battle Games In Middle Earth and many other jobs important and less so in between. More recently I have started commission panting.

And why not eh? I get to paint the models I love, go to events, play tournaments and just enjoy myself, all in the guise of a grown up job. Brilliant.

Ive been running a Facebook page and a Twitter page covering my work for the last year or so. And that in itself was a mammoth task for this Luddite computer illiterate Geordie! But after all this time I have the means to do a blog... That is, James can do it all and just let me mash keys in an attempt to make words.

Over the coming days, months and forever I hope to be sharing all that I am doing (when its not top secret super agent work that is) for all to see and enjoy and feedback on it.

Well that's it for now, I think. Ill let you all get back at looking at cooler stuff.


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