Wednesday, 23 January 2013

New Warriors of Chaos

Oooh, in all my busy painting time I managed to miss the sneaky shots of the next release for Warhammer. Not Demons like I had heard, but Warriors of Chaos. And you know what, I'm excited.

  • There are some really cool looking models here
  • Some of them are going to be awesome to paint
  • New Dragon Ogres will fit into my Ogre Kingdoms army for some characterful variation in units!
  • Paul and I were already planning on doing a massive joint WoC army in a few month's time. These will make it way more varied and exciting.

So, the pictures have been around for a while now, but I've done my best to clean them up to get a better look at them. Hopefully folks will find them a bit easier on the eyes than the (slightly blurrier) shots elsewhere. The names with each thing are a bit of guess work from info I've seen on rumour threads.

Chaos Lord

Starting things off with what I think is probably the most old school styled and traditionally iconic of the new Chaos minis, this Lord is rather nice. Plastic I believe and I think he'll be a lot of fun to paint and, should folks desire to do so, convert. He gets a big thumbs up from me. I'll have half a dozen! (I think that's a joke...)

Chaos Lord

Dragon Ogres

These are great. Models that have long needed updating and this plastic kit looks sweet. Hopefully it will be easy to split the Ogre torsos from the Dragon type bodies, because that will create a load of conversion options. There's no doubting that the top halves make for much cooler Chaos Ogres than are currently available and those legs are pretty badass. Another big thumbs up.

Dragon Ogres


Let's get these out of the way eh? Yes, the photo's pretty awful, but these look awkward.  It could be the stark contrast of the paint scheme, but their mutated body parts look more like a kitbash than a carefully considered sculpt. I'm not giving up hope, but for now my thumbs are very ready to dip down.


Chariot and Gorebeast chariot

Back to the win! I particularly like the standard chariot's look. It's bulky and heavy duty, but the Chaos steeds look suitably speedy and it gives the impression of being very capable of doing horrible impact damage. Also, those wheels are great! The Gorebeast's pose almost makes it look like it's coming to a sudden screaching halt, which makes me less keen on it, but it's a cool beastie. Kind of like a Skaven mutant ratbeast covered in a thick scaly hide... or something. Thumbs returning to an upwards position with these.


Gorebeast chariot

Mutilath Vortex Beast and Slaughterbrute

I really love the madness of the Vortex Beast. That's some seriously twisted, Tzeentch inspired craziness going on. It's perhaps the model I'm most looking forward to painting. The other option from the same kit, the Slaughterbrute, isn't doing so much for me, but as the main body of the kit is the same, perhaps that's just because the bright red scheme looks kinda horrible to my eyes. It makes it look more toy like, whereas the Vortex Beast is m,uch slicker and cooler. I think I can paint the Slaughterbrute in a way I will like, so thumbs still up. Also, feeling a bit of a Hordes Trollblood vibe from some of the bits on the Slaughterbrute. Perhaps it's because of the pose. Taking inspiration from Trollbloods is no bad thing of course as they are some really cool minis.

Vortex Beast


Vilitch the Curseling

From what I know about Warhammer gaming, Vilitch is a bit of a Marmite character. Some folks love him, others just don't get him. This could totally change in the new rules of course. Either way, he's maximum win as far as models go. This guy's awesome (even though the picture is a bit dodgey) and he's one of the upcoming models I'm most excited about.


Throgg the Troll King

Paul informs me this is Throgg the Troll King. He's not a character I'm so familiar with in the Warhammer background, but the model has the potential to be my favourite to paint from all these releases. Like the aforementioned Slaughterbrute, there's a hint of Trollblood going on here and I like it. My thumbs are raised pretty high although I don't know quite how well the look fits in with the overall look of the Warriors of Chaos. Screw it though, this is a cool mini. I just hope it's not too expensive. I'm guessing it's Finecast along with Vilitch. Casting on Finecast has actually been fine for me the last few minis I've got, I just hope there aren't too many gates obscuring detail points.


So, along with a new book and magic cards I think that's the lot.


I like these quite a bit actually. They are a much stronger release overall than the last wave of Chaos that came out, with more fresh and exciting ideas going on.

I'm guessing some folks are gonna moan about some design choices and how things don't fit the traditional Chaos look. Well, there are still a good lot of solid plastic Warriors and Knights available if that's what you're after, so quit it! :) Yes, I would have quite liked plastic Chosen, but perhaps they will come eventually and in the meantime, look at all these cool models.

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