Saturday, 5 January 2013

New year, new blog

Hello and welcome to this fresh and shiny new blog.

I'm very excited about the hobby plans I have for the year ahead and will do my best to spread that enthusiasm here, like a dirty infection of toy soldier based influenza sweeping across the internet. And talking of dirty infections, my brother in painting arms, Paul Scott, will also be posting his hobby goings on here too! ;)

With any luck the need to make regular updates will keep us motivated when we are painting, as well as offering the chance to spread advice (and our own brand of misery) through the posts. We both like a good opportunity to piss and moan about stuff, so there will probably be a bit of that, but despite that, we are pretty enthusiastic about the hobby and wear our geeky credentials with pride. Hurrah!

Most posts will be about painting related stuff, because that's pretty much what we do a lot of. But, with the regular painting projects we get to cast our critical eye over many new releases. I'll certainly be trying to sort out some unboxings and reviews as well.

Learning from mistakes

Around this time last year I set up my first blog - Project666 - with the lofty goal of painting 666 minis in 2012. I think my final count was about 150 or so. Not bad, but nowhere near the target number. I think such a steep challenge actually hindered me rather than helping me, it was just a bit of a burden to try and shoulder once life started to get in the way!

So, this time around I'm just going to do what I do, paint what I can and post about it here when things are done. And whenever I get demotivated Paul will be there to threaten me with pain and abuse. Damn, starting to wonder if this is a good idea.

Anyway, I have plenty to get on with on my painting desk and I just pre-ordered a ton of new Dark Angels, so there should be plenty of freshly painted models here soon.

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