Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Ogres on the way

It feels pretty good to finally get started on these guys. Like far too many of my projects, they have been ready to go for years. In fact, these ogres were bought on advanced order back in 2005 when I worked for GW!

The command for the large bulls unit.

Some rather brutal post Christmas illness meant Monday was mostly spent in bed trying to recover, which I've still not done fully, but there's no cure to a bunged up nose like paint fumes right?

So, yesterday I got busy painting all 20 of the ogres at once and I'm pleased with how they progressed. Batch painting is something I tend to do quite well and although it can feel a bit factory-line and tedious, particularly in the earlier stages, the fun and reward kicks in later on, when big units of models start to come together.

I apologise for the slightly iffy colour in these photos. The first one of the bulls command above is much closer to the actual colours going on with the ogres.

The orange beards will be toned down later!

Ogre skin

So, the first thing I did with these guys was paint the skin, which was all done with an airbrush and Citadel paints.
  1. A basecoat of Mournfang Brown was sprayed on to cover the skin area completely
  2. I highlighted this with a controled spray of Ratskin Flesh, mostly sprayed down from above to create the right sort of depth
  3. Finally, Elf Flesh in even more controlled spots was applied to the points that would catch the light most. 
I don't think this is necessarily the standard sort of paint choice for ogres, but I like the slightly ruddy depth it provides to the skin. Once I add some extra colour tone through the final shading and some final highlights with a brush it should really come together too, but that will be done once I've got the rest of the airbrushing out of the way!

White Tacking the arms on rather than gluing made it so much easier to paint these Ironbreakers.

Thinking ahead with sub-assemblies

If you do a lot of air brushing, chances are you're familiar with sub-assemblies, even if you don't use the name. It describes breaking a model down into multiple parts to make the painting process easier, rather than sticking the whole thing together.

I've done this on the ogres in a few ways. The obvious one is that I've left the gut plates off. It's going to be way easier to paint the skin and trousers unobstructed and when I weather the gut plates I won't make a mess of any work I've already done on the rest of the model.

The arms of the ogres have been fixed in place with White Tack rather than glued on. This means I can remove them now I've finished the skin to leave the trousers unobstructed and easier to spray. It also made it a lot easier to do the weapons.

Other details

With the skin done I started to work on all of the extra bits on the upper levels of the models.
  • The metal has all been painted in Mithril Silver
  • Bindings and wood picked out in Steel Legion Drab
  • Rock parts basecoated in Dark Reaper, then highlighted with Russ Grey and given a final drybrush of Ceramite White
  • Hair and beards painted Fortress Grey, XV-88 or Fire Dragon Bright.

Converted Ogre Pirates, with peg legs and bellies on show unprotected as a sign of bravado.

Next up, more fun with White Tack!

With all of that done it's time for me to remove the arms from all of the ogres, mask off the skin (which I'll show how to do in the next post) and spray the trousers, boots and base.

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  1. Nice. Must get my air brush out!
    Ogres suit the flesh, you see some crazy flesh sceems out there lol