Monday, 28 January 2013

Opening Pandora's Box - My unpainted minis from way back when

Last year I spent a good bit of time sorting through my minis, deciding what I wanted to keep and what I could live without. The hardcore collectors may be horrified to hear this, but I ended up being really severe, eBayed thousands of models and reduced my mini mountain by a good 95% or so.

The truth is they were getting me down. Even if I painted at a speedy rate there was no way I'd have conquered them in decades and I'd kinda given up on the idea of doing them at all.

It was hard at first, but the more models I sold, the more I realised I'd accumulated a ton of stuff I didn't even want to paint any more!

Some of my random minis

What's left?

I now own just three boxes of models:

  • Stuff to sell unpainted - the final remnants of my unwanted minis that I need to put on eBay.
  • Stuff to sell painted - about a hundred minis that I'm happy to paint and then sell.
  • Stuff for me - these are models I intend to game with; abandoned projects that are still good ideas; or just minis I really love. It's packed with models I couldn't bear to part with, some really old, some pretty new, so there's plenty of coolness and some oddities. It's high time I paint some of them because they deserve it!

Large scale models I have suitably grand plans for!


Start the countdown!

My Forge World models still haven't shown up, so I gave myself a break from painting and spent today organising and listing of all the minis in my personal collection. In total there are 113 of them:

  • 32 GW models
  • 28 Wyrd models
  • 4 large scale models
  • 49 from various random mini companies (Kingdom Death, Rackham, Hasslefree, Tales of War, etc.)

Some very oldshool and rather newschool GW

I have very specific plans for all the large scale models, so they are on hold for now, but I need to get busy with some of the others. I could spend an age trying to decide where to start but instead I'm going to throw it open to anyone who cares to comment.

More random minis


What I need to know

I've written down three numbered lists. One's for GW, one's for Wyrd, one is for my various other models. To make things totally random I need someone to pick a number for each list and add it to this post in the comments. Whatever model corresponds to that number will be what I paint for my personal collection first. :)

So, between 1 and 32 for GW; 1 and 28 for Wyrd; 1 and 49 for the randoms.

I'll do a post later on revealing the result and the three models I'll be painting (assuming someone comments!).

Wyrd models (some with basic zenithal pre-highlights


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Dave, I've stuck up a new post about the models you picked out. :)

  2. Breaking the rules a little but i also have a Neran the scary [think that's his name... it's the pumpkin headed dude from Rackham] SO i'd be interested to see your take on him :)

    1. Yeah, it is a Neran. One of the most intimidating models that I own because of how I want it to look in my head. I'll get there one day, but unless it's randomly selected, it won't be soon. And I've been a bit pants in doing my random selections to unfortunately.

  3. Look at it from the bright side, at least they would get painted eventually. :P