Saturday, 26 January 2013

Prelude to Chaos part 1 - New WoC online!

I've been a fan of many of GW's recent releases (as you can probably see from the masses of Dark Angels in the blog) but the previous wave of Warhammer Chaos didn't blow me away. There was nothing particularly wrong with it and Festus and Valkia are both very appealing single minis, but for whatever reason the models didn't inspire that dark, obsessive, hobby part of my brain that can prove so dangerous and lead to me seriously hammering my bank account and spending days chopping, gluing and painting diddy wee men.

This time it's different, very different... Oh dear!

The leaked pictures of the new Chaos already had me salivating with anticipation so I dutifully sat at my PC last night, waiting for proper pictures and pre-order details to go up. Then, I stayed awake for another 3 hours thinking... perhaps a more apt description is plotting. My hobby synapses were firing in overdrive, sparking ideas and dark, devious plans for how best to use and abuse these lovely new models.

I often treat new releases as quite vanilla projects, building them up then putting my efforts into the painting, not adding extra flavour in the form of conversions or other fancy changes. There's just something about Chaos though, it whispers in my ear, "convert me" it teases, "snick those fingers with your scalpel blade doing head swaps. Blood for the Blood God!" I can't ignore, I can't just leave all of these models as they look out of the box, there are too many wonderful possibilities!

What's to come in this series?

It's a week until I'll get my hands on them, so I know my plans are only going to develop further, but to fill the time I'm starting a series that will chart my thoughts on the new Chaos (as best as I can).

There will be some waffle of course, that's one of my favourite things to do, but I'll also try and add plenty of useful advice by covering some of the more practical considerations I tackle with each new release:
  • Making achievable plans to paint things fast and well
  • Working out sub-assemblies before you have the models
  • Conversion ideas
  • Using Photoshop (or a similar program) to help develop your modeling projects
  • Other tips and tricks
So, there should be something to keep people entertained and informed.

The new models

The first thing you should probably do is take a looksee at all the new WoC stuff. If you want to get into a James-like headspace (potentially dangerous) don't just glance at them, take some time to properly take them in, breathe in the heady new mini scent (you can get it through the monitor if you lean in close enough), spin those 360s, save the images to your computer (they actually show smaller than full size when viewed on the GW site), get to know the parts from the sprue pictures.

And now you're on the way, let the dark plans consume you. ;)


Coming in part 2

Next up I'll take a look at the Chariot kit and how I plan on painting it in a good looking but speedy fashion.

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