Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Round up and painting plan

I don't think a weekly post charting my progress and plans (which I had intended to do) is the greatest idea now I've had the blog running for a while. I've been too busy painting toy soldiers to reflect on how things went painting toy soldiers! If you want to see how I'm progressing you can look at the photos of my models that I stick up here pretty regularly. But, from time to time I'll still stick a 'what's going on with me?' type post online. This is one of them. I suppose it is is a bit of thinly veiled brag post, but let's not focus on that eh? ;)

Soooo many minis!

If you look at the 'James' 2013 Hobby Output' summary to the right (unless you are using the stripped down mobile site) you'll see that I've built and painted a veritable shit ton of models so far. 2013 is off to a blistering start, which makes me extremely happy.

After completing the first 20 models in a new Ogre Kingdoms army a big box of Dark Angels landed on my doorstep. Once I'd worked through the tedium of prepping all that plastic and resin I got down to the painting and just a week later everything from my pre-order is completed. 44 minis completed in two weeks of painting and I'm really pleased with the standard I achieved in such a short time. I can't guarantee this pace will keep up though, I think it would kill me!

What's next?

I'm going to round out the month with... More Dark Angels!

Sorry to be predictable, it's where my head's at right now. I have had the Deathwing squad from Dark Vengeance built and basecoated since the game came out, so they are in the mix. I enjoyed the Storm Talon and Nephilim Jetfighter so much that I bought another of each and yesterday I glued them together, along with some kits that have been sitting in my to do pile - a Land Raider, a Land Raider Crusader and two Stormravens. These are all primed black and ready to paint.

I learned a few tricks painting the Dark Angels flyers before, so I hope they will be quicker this time around. The Stormravens can't be painted for the Dark Angels of course, but again, I can transfer some of the techniques. I think Blood Angels for one, Grey Knights for the other. They will be right at the end of January.

The Deathwing squad should be easy enough as I'm well practiced with them, but, the challenge is going to be the tanks. I've never painted big vehicles in Deathwing colours (which I'll be doing here) so I'll be learning as I go.

Dark Angels force
The full Dark Angels force so far

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