Thursday, 10 January 2013

Sedition Wars. Sci-fi awesome

Mid last year, during a sunny day filled with not much in particular I got to trawling the internet.

No... not for that. For toy soldiers and all things with lazer beams and pew pew noises. You just can't beat a good pew pew inspired range.

After a few hours of trying to find a Dune table top game, convincing myself there must just must be one as Dune is pretty much one of table top sci-fi's greatest sources of inspiration, I stumbled onto Kickstarter.

This made sure i had plenty of toys to play with this month and less money to worry about. Awesome.

I quickly found what it was all about and rejoiced! I get to have the illusion of being in charge of my toys. Brilliant! Five minutes later and £100 lighter, I had found Sedition Wars and backed it.

It just looked awesome. For a start, it is the brain child of Studio McVey. Even though this is a mighty pedigree, I was a little wary and unsure of just how "new and fresh" this could be. There's so much cool table top sci-fi out there that it can all become quite samey, or fail totally in its look and feel by trying to be different for the sake of it.

I am sure I have seen this chap running around abandoned  space stations being rather violent  to aliens

I was not disappointed though. Studio McVey unashamedly take from the vast richness of existing sic-fi franchises out there. And I think this is what makes it so great. You get all the things you already like in a game visually (and it is great, no denying the quality of miniature design from McVey) along with a simple new universe / base to delve into. From Aliens to Pitch Black and Riddick back round to Dead Space, it can all be seen. Yet it manages to look and feel new.

Not at all familiar... in away whatsoever

Well no surprise the Kickstarter funding drive was successful and smashed records at the time. All this means my pledge gets me far more toys! Mmm toys. The delivery of which is very very soon! Two weeks!

Great generic sci-fi Humans and an awesome slant on techno alien virus scourge thingys

I am just plain psyced for the arrival of these stylish modern minis to arrive. They are beautiful, varied and well designed. I think it will be a pleasure to paint. There will be a hell of a lot of options in colour schemes as they are laden with cross over potential. Aside from Sedition Wars itself I can see these being used in Merc Minis, 40k, Infinity, dare I say it Beyond the Gates of Antares (Rick P's new Kickstarter) as well? Brilliant. There's even room to paint stuff up as Tau! And we all know that when I am not wallowing in Nurgle's glorious festering love I love a bit of robot love.

Hmm, seems to me like a heavy drone type thing... Must resist Tau!

Well enough of me hobby splurging. I am sure many of you know of this awesome game's development and production and for those who didn't, well I hope you enjoy the look of this and check it out further. Oh I forgot the other thing that caught my eye with this range was the awesome "suits" available. We all love battlesuits, environment suits, exo suits etc. and Studio McVey will not disappoint.

Mmm clunky clank clank zap!

More awesome suit awesomeness. Nuff said

You can see more of this lovely stuff by going to the Sedition Wars website and their selly type page.

I hope you enjoy. No doubt in the future James and I will blog more about these goodies as we get them and get the time to paint them and play the game. Well, I say play, more like school James in dice rolling, but it amounts to the same thing.

Have fun!


  1. My copy is at home waiting for me to finish work :)

  2. Bah, my copy is going to my old home, so I'm not sure when I'll get hold of it exactly. But, I have so much to be getting on with that's probably for the best. I'll expect to see a full report from you soon! :)