Sunday, 6 January 2013

Super deformed warfare in Rivet Wars

Cool Mini or Not launched their latest Kickstarter - Rivet Wars - on Friday and, true to form, it’s already clocked up close to $150k and passed some of its stretch goals.

Artwork from Rivet Wars
Some awesome Rivet Wars artwork

Rivet Wars is set in a world locked in WW1 style trench warfare, but with added stompy tanks and other funky stuff. After seeing its quirky, super deformed stylings I was:

  • surprised Soda Pop Miniatures have nothing to do with it
  • reminded of the awesome Nintendo DS strategy game Advance Wars
  • instantly charmed by the style
So, all’s pretty good there. And it seems my thoughts about a classic strategy computer game weren't too misplaced, because the designer Ted Terranova (that can't be his real name right?) has worked as an artist on various PC RTS games.

I think I'm in

I’ve only invested in one of CMoN’s Kickstarters so far (Sedition Wars, which I really hope I'll get soon) because I don’t have a ton of spare cash right now (am sorting out a house move) and spending on things that I’m not going to get for a fair while seems too irresponsible, even for me.

But, I think I’m going to get on board with Rivet Wars. I really like the style and I already want to paint some of the models. More than that, having just watched the lengthy gameplay video, it looks like a good bit of fun to play.

Check out the Kickstarter page for all sorts of details about stretch goals.

Gameplay video


  1. What a co-inci-dink! I had the last week been looking into this game as well. The big thing for me was the retro looking coolness and the deformed look.
    I struck me as very reminiscent of the all to popular app, fb style games that are everywhere now.

    Certainly looking to play this. Mainly though i want to paint the tin looking robots!

  2. Perhaps we should split the investment. Once the stretch goals go up there are bound to be more models included than we could possibly want on our own.