Monday, 7 January 2013

The Future. Making time for my toys.

So, as the new year moves on I find my self with muchos, muchos work to do. No bad thing when its commissions and brings in the pennies you say. Of course not. But, the more work I have to do the more I am drawn to wanting to do my own stuff. You may be aware that I am a rather fanatical chaos player. So much so that my long suffering wife made me a scarf to match my Nurgle Marine army. Bless her. Yes, that's how much I rule.

So as these ideas bubble and ferment in the ravages of my mind how do I make sure I can work on them? How do I decide just what to do? I mean I want to do more Nurgle. You can never have enough Nurgle I say. Or should I branch out? Should I just do an other army all together? Or even an other system? Warmachine Rhulic Dwarfs are always trying to get attention in my head. Little buggers.

See its not just a simple matter of I like model A so I'll paint army A. There are too many goodies out there and too many options. Sigh.

The more commission work I do the more variety of minis I get to paint and the more ideas I get. I become like a hobby butterfly, fluttering from idea to the next. Or more accurately a hobby parasitic illness seeking out and ruining one lovely idea to the next (gotta keep Pappa Nurgle happy). There's just no end to what there is to paint or the ideas I keep getting.

Now, presuming out of the blue that I actually do a Nurgle army, I think it must include this beast. I just love him. Although the model is smaller in real life than it would appear in its images.

Nurgle Chaos Lord. AKA Gut Buster!
He is awesome. Being a brilliantly simple plastic mini the conversion opportunities are many and easy. Hmm, I guess I will be doing a Nurgle Marine army then. Again, again... This is no bad thing. The Codex, after the initial ups of "wow its shiny and the downs of " hmm, a little vanilla" I have come to love. Yes, it could have been a little more "wazzi" but its very well rounded and nicely themed.

I've slightly gone off topic and almost broken my own post, but at least I know what I'll be doing.

Providing I can figure out how to get the time...


  1. What do you mean "become like a hobby butterfly"!

    Looking forward to seeing some new chaos Nurgle Paul, you do a brilliant job of them

  2. Thanks. I mean something that transforms in to a beautiful creature spreading toy soldier love around the world...

    Or something like that... yeah.

  3. The infectious disease metaphor is a better one! :p

    You're just addicted to Nurgle because John Blanche gave you hobby props for a Nurgle model once, admit it. ;) But, the appeal of Nurgle is a tough one to fight. Back in the day I had a Nurgle CSM force, converted to mix in zombie parts, so they were like a force of shambling corpses. Something rather nice about griming it up and really getting some ugly infestation in models. Also, Forge World, don't forget them for tasty looking Nurgle stuff.