Monday, 4 February 2013

Batch painting Dragon Ogres and Chariots

The Chaos horde is underway and despite a few things conspiring against me I've made good progress.

Start out with the bad news

The first mini disaster was running out of Vallejo Black Primer before I could finish spraying the last parts and bases I've made. Bugger!

I have a standard spray can primer which will be OK for those in the interim, but I'll be ordering more once I've put this post live. It is brilliant stuff - one of my hobby essentials. A 200ml bottle sprayed through my airbrush has lasted me a ridiculously long time considering how many models I paint. Not only is it the most economical way I've found to prime models, the finish is wonderful too. Put it on your shopping list if you don't have some!

Buy some, it's brilliant!

A bigger disaster came later - my 0.4mm airbrush nozzle got a split in it and is no longer fit for purpose, so I'm using my smaller 0.2 needle for everything. I'm less keen on the small one at the best of times and on big surfaces it's a real pain, but it's all I've got. A good Boy Scout would be prepared and have a spare, but not me. D'Oh! So, something else to order.

But, as I said, I'm still making good progress.

The good news - Dragon Ogres well on the way

These guys have been pretty joyous to paint. It took a good bit of time, but I've got all the airbrush work done and now it's a case of picking out the left over details.

The final task will be to shade and glaze down all of the different surfaces, which are currently pretty pale. This is intentional. By going a little further than I want in the final look with the sprayed on highlights I can glaze over to smooth things down and make for a vibrant and rich look. Well, that's the theory anyway!

The also good news - Chariots in progress too

And I've done work on the Chaos Chariots too. Again, I'll be glazing over colours to add vibrancy and using some washes for darker tones. The steeds need some parts of their manes and tails picking out with a light drybrush. This is enough to make three standard chariots and three pulled by Gorebeasts.

There's couple of cloaks from the Lord of Chaos plastic model here too.

Next on the to do list is tie up all the details, then do a hell of a lot of metal spraying. If all goes to plan I'll have the 12 Dragon Ogres, 6 Chaos Chariots and 2 Lords done over the next few days and be progressing with the big guys - the Slaughterbrute and the Mutalith Vortex Beasts (who I really love now I have them in paint splattered hands and have been saving as a reward for getting through these!).

If it wasn't written in stone before, it is now - the awesomeness of these models is irresistible, Paul and I are going to build up an utterly gigantic Warriors of Chaos force together. I'll leave the list building to him, but it should be fairly impressive when we are done. A huge block of 100 Chaos Warriors with some suitably epic unit fillers sounds like fun don't you think? Certainly a suggestion I'll be making :)

I'll have an update of some finished models soon with any luck.

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