Sunday, 24 February 2013

Fatha Nurgle's Plague Prophet - all the cool kids follow him...

BOOM! like a meteor hitting northern Russia I am back! Don't weep with delight, your respectful and awe-inspired silence is more than enough to fill me with joy...

Anyway! For the last month or so I have been bereft of the t'interweb. But today my service (poor choice of words) provider has seen fit to let me loose on the public again. You lucky lucky people.

My time offline has not been spent idly  As well as doing super-secret-things for Mr Alessio Cavatore and his upcoming LOKA game I have also seen fit to do kit-bash prep for my new 40k army. No surprise, its Nurgle themed! You may be aware that I like Nurgle just a little bit by now and in a previous post I talked breifly about the awesome chap below.

Big boss man Nurgle chap

Well, after getting hold of a few of him I decided to kit-bash. I havent dont that in some time and I was starting to get an itch (maybe im being blessed!) So after a few minutes looking through the umpteen bits boxes in my room i ended up with these parts.

Awesome clunky bio-hazard back packs. Left one trimmed down for  my use

The Pack Master goad. To be used as a plague flamer/burning brand

The burning warp flame. Ideal for a Nurgly censor / brazier

I had an image in my head of how I wanted to "Blancheitsu" this awesome model pretty much instantly. Along with a marine head and a few hooks, I started work transforming the Nurgle lord into something more... urm... Nurgly.

I removed his head and replaced it with a masked bare Marine head (the flamer one from the tactical squad I think) and removed the horns from his shoulder pad, leaving damaged looking holes.

I trimmed down the MaxMini bio hazard pack pack and attached the warp flame from the Skaven warlord to the top along with a few Chaos vehicle sprue hooks on the back.

His axe was clipped off and the warp goad from the Pack Master proved to be perfectly sized to fit the hands and haft of the Nurgle Lord.

The model was starting to take shape but it needed something more. The holes left in his shoulder needed sorting out somehow and his replacement head (after getting some feedback on my Facebook page) looked a bit out of place. The head seemed to be just stuck on, 'floating', so I Green Stuffed his neck to make it blend with fat rolls into the chest. I then added clipped curved guitar wire from the shoulder, leading to the backpack. I used the ring from the end of the guitar wire as another vent / entry point for the wires, finishing it off with green stuff to cover joins etc.

More chins than a Jimmy Hill convention

Guitar wire 'pipes' and green stuff to finish things off

I was feeling pretty happy with the chap at this stage but still thought he needed more. Chaos (Nurgle in particular) always seems to demand being 'crammed' and cluttered in my mind.

Whilst doing this dude I was also working on some Dark Eldar Raiders for a customer. There's always loads of extras on these kits and one thing Dark Eldar kits have is skulls and chains. This is conveniently perfect for kit-bashing Chaos. Chains hanging off the Lord with the skulls of his murdered victims attached would look sweet. Skulls also are perfect to represent blight grenades so after a bit of clipping ang gluing they were added!

Blight grenades

All I needed now was to hammer home the 'Nurgle' imagery a little more. I started Green Stuffing his right shoulder pad with a thin layer that i could work some basic tatty holes into to make the Nurgle symbol. His back was also looking a little unbalanced, so I took a Space Marine Terminator's heraldic shield and did the same to it. Placing it below the model's back pack bulk him out a bit.

Green Stuffed heraldic pad
Fleshy Nurgle gubbins

Now that I have reached this stage I am pretty happy with him. But I'm not done, I've gone crazy selecting bits and bobs for more kit-bashing in the development of this army. The model keeps growing on me and I am having to resist the urge to do more to this Borderlands / Tom Hardy's Bane love-child!
However, there is one last thing that does need doing and that's his basing. Do I go for a simple sanding and flock tufts for a uniform look throughout the eventual army, or do I go for something more? A nurgling? Slate? Ammo? How knows what? Any ideas?

Plague Prophet

Well that's it for now, I have commission work aplenty to be getting on with. Have fun you lovely, lovely minion type people! ;)


  1. He needs something more than plain old sand on his base I reckon, but nothing too flashy. I think some layers of slate and perhaps a mangled piece of rusty metal buried in the mix somewhere. Will this guy be dictating the overall basing style of the force? Perhaps you can use some pigments and work them into the models to make everything uniform, battleworn and suitably grimy.

  2. Hmmm, sounds interesting we shall have to have a con-flab.
    yeah what ever his base is like will be mirrored in the rest of the force.

    Uniformed popping basing is a must on any army, can make o.k. armies look great when well done and awesome ones even more erm awsomer.

    Gotta be done right! =)