Thursday, 7 February 2013

Gorebeast and normal chariots - Finished pics

Pics of freshly done models - it's about time eh? I'll start out with this big drop of chariot pictures and add a second post for the Dragon Ogres which I've also finished.

Although I've only completed one of each of the chariots, I have also done most of the work on another four. I was getting really burnt out with them, so I figured it would be a good plan to finish some models off and keep my motivation going. This is the result. I'll be back at completing the rest soon.

The kits are great but deceptively complex to build. All the chains and ropes fixing the beasts to the chariot took a bit of effort to fix in place and the steeds could really have benefited from some sort of plug so they could be fitted to the chairot yoke easier. It was a bit of a swine getting them into the right place.

But, the frustration was worth it I think. I went for full on gore splatter on the Gorebeast and added a good bit to the chariots too.

You can vote for them on CMoN:

Gorebeast Chariot

Chaos Chariot

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