Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Mutalith Vortex Beast - Finished pics

This was an interesting one. I didn't exactly plan anything about the look and colours, it developed as I went. I think the nature of the kit (mental!) drove me into the direction of rather unusual colour selections. I am guessing it will not be to everyone's tastes and perhaps it looks a bit jarring and odd amongst the moody darkness of a Chaos horde, but I actually see that as rather fitting for a creature this wild.

I started out painting the blue, which is done with a stash of really ancient Citadel paints I found. They are the white tops, from the days of the Ork and Eldar paint set and coloured metallics. I'd guess they are a good 15 years old and still really awesome in their consistency. No clue what the colours are as they had no labels on them. Sorry!

After the blue was painted I tidied up all the surrounding black areas and then sprayed in some highlights with my airbrush using Dark Reaper and then Dark Reaper + white.

This looked OK, but it needed some more interest, so I applied glaze to the tentacles, bringing in some green tones. After that I got bold and worked a very luminous green onto the dripping goo and applied it to the tongues on the tail too.

It still felt like a bit of balance was missing, so I did the vortex to try and bring everything together. I used a hell of a lot of colours on it than I would normally put together and it's about as bold as I've ever been in my painting. The centre of the vortex is done with fairly traditional fire colours, from dark red, through orange and yellow, to a pure white centre. The areas around it have blue to match the skin, but also purples and the same green spot colour as applied elsewhere.

Once I stuck the vortex on top things looked much better, but I decided to make one more addition. The black carapace looked rather boring, so I worked flecks of the bright green into it to give the effect of sort of bio-luminescence running through the creature.

It's not perfect, but I rather like it and am happy to have taken my painting in a new and unusual direction here. It's certainly inspired me to try more things like this in the future and I think the next models to get some bold colours will be my Sedition wars stuff.

I hope folks like the final look. If you want you can vote at CMoN.

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