Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Slaughterbrute - Finished pics

After the monotony of painting so many chariots (which I'm so disenchanted with that I can't even bring myself to put them up on the blog just yet!) and Dragon Ogres it's been a welcome and much needed break to do something more organic. I didn't go wild on this guy, mostly sticking to a similar scheme to the 'Eavy Metal one, but he was primarily skin rather than metal, so that was awesome! :)

I've done him with a magma look - warm skin and the upper carapace to look like the dark upper crust of rock.

The eyes on this guy came out pretty cool. I think the black lines make them look much better than just going for pure yellow without a pupil.

As always, he's on CMoN if you feel like voting for him.

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