Saturday, 16 February 2013

Slaughterbrute number two in progress

Hi everybody! (Hi Doctor James!)

Thought I'd best stick up a wee post to show that although I've not done too much painting over the last few days I've not been completely unproductive... though I have kinda... and that's been much needed, so get off my back damn it! ;)

Here are some work in progress pics I hastilly snapped of the second Slaughterbrute I bought. This guy's much more in line with the 'Eavy Metal scheme as I have done the pale belly, but it still has a touch of my own style and the alternate head too, which varies things up a bit. I will of course be adding some grime and splatter to that big pale expanse of flesh!

Various areas need tidying up and some of the spikey bits haven't even been primered, but he's getting there. I'm considering a lava base for him, but not decided 100%.

As well as painting this guy up I've found myself taking a break. It was needed and has helped me get over my painting slump and ever increasing cabin fever!

I watched Django Unchained with my cousin on Wednesday, which was totally frickin' awesome - Waltz, Di Caprio and Jackson putting in career performances. In the western mood, I've started to play through Red Dead Redemption again too. I loved the game when it came out but for some reason never got too far into it, so I'm starting over. I figure I should get through one of the most respected games of this console generation before the next PS and Xbox are announced later this month!

And to round things off, my mate Alex at Warploque Miniatures has tasked me with painting his rather awesome new mini - Gibbs the Monkey - so he'll be done next week along with the remnants of the Chaos models.

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