Friday, 8 February 2013

The Chaos horde is almost there

I'm almost done with a load of Chaos models so I took this snap on my iPad to share. The force would be finished, but for an unexpected visit from my cousin today. So, I'm a wee bit behind schedule, but that's no bad thing really - it's important to have some decent social contact for a change. I've done an extreme amount of painting so far this year and I'd hate to slip out of geek territory and into the world of the nerd by becoming too obsessive. ;)

Rather than marking off the extra four chariots and nine Dragon Ogres as done, I have them frustratingly close to finished but a bit more life balance present. A fair payoff!

And there's not much to do now. A few more base details to pick out on the steeds, then some final washing and detailing and I'll be cranking my completed total up to 79 tomorrow.

I'm hoping I'll find time to finish the Chaos Lords I'm working on as well. Once that's all sorted I can start on my reward for all this repetitive work - two Slaughterbrutes and two Vortex beasties. After painting so much metal their organic oddness is going to be an absolute joy! :)

So, the plan for the next few days:

  • Saturday - Finish chariots and Dragon Ogres to take my painted total for 2013 to 79
  • Sunday - Finish the two Lords and start on the big beasties. 2013 total to 81
  • Monday - Finish the big beasties (ambitious, but I have some really strong ideas for painting them and it's possible) to take my total to 85
  • Tuesday - Build the Finecast characters I have and get started on them

I'm moving back towards nerd world aren't I? Best add in hooking up with some folks to finally see Django Unchained on Tuesday evening and get a bit of balance back!

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