Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Abaddon and Loken - Forge World - Build

Following on from my unboxing post, here's a look at this set now I've got it constructed and ready for painting (which I'm actually already on the way with).

My first impressions about the kit were very good and after cleaning up the parts and constructing it they haven't really changed too much, but I do feel the need to mention one thing. Once I started prepping the Loken model I noticed there was a bit of a casting issue. Nothing totally horrendous, but a fairly exaggerated mold slip (especially for a mini as fresh as this) that runs down his outer and inner leg areas. I may have gotten unlucky, but it was a bit of a swine to clean up and I didn't want to be less than thorough in my assessment, so do think it's worth pointing out. For the most part the fit and quality of the set's still groovy.

You'll also almost certainly need to put the large scenic base in boiling water so it sits flush against the plastic base. I don't mention this as a real critique though - it's exactly what I'd expect when having to get a big resin part with a flat underside flush against a plastic base with a propensity to warp a little. An easy fix which I didn't do until after taking the photos, so you could see that the gap's not even particularly large.

Anyway, here is a close up of the line on the leg (I'd already started to remove it from the lower area before realising I should snap the photo) followed by some shots of the assembled kit.

The models are only White-Tacked onto their bases and few parts are separate. This is because I'll be painting them as sub-assembly pieces. I'll hopefully have this awesome scene finished and ready to show off at the weekend. :)

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