Friday, 8 March 2013

Elspeth von Draken on Carmine Dragon - work in progress

I'm beginning to wonder if I should rename this blog Forge World Industries. I seem to be painting, building or buying tons of their stuff right now. Not a bad thing really I guess!

This frankly wonderful model has been crying out for my painting attention since I rushed to buy it from Warhammer World on the day it was released. Since then it has sat waiting, scaring me with its detail and awesomeness!

So, I've vowed to gradually work away at getting it painted. The base, which is hidden away by the masking and Blue-Tack, is just about finished (I've peeled back a small area to show the colours underneath) but I still have a long way to go.

On the main body of the dragon I started with black, then mixed in a few increasingly lighter tones of red and airbrushed them on. I'm trying to keep things dark and moody, which has always proved to be a struggle for me when it comes to red. I don't want the dragon to look too bright or the red tone to really pop (at least not in the airbrushing stage) and certainly don't want to bring pink or orange onto the body.

I'll work richness and depth into the shadows using purple and blue shading but before that I'll take the highlights a little further than they are right now on the high points of the model.

The wings have been fixed in place with a tiny blob of superglue for a temporary fix, so I can snap them off and focus on them. I'm going to blend the wing membranes to purple before adding red, then orange and finally a spot of yellow and white at the centre. I've done similar effects on wings before and it usually looks pretty nice. The pictures below show some models I painted up during the release of Storm of Magic using the same kind of technique but all sorts of other colours.

Once I put down the airbrush and get busy with a detail brush I hope things will really come together. I figure that picking out certain scales to be lighter or darker and adding in the different colours from the wings to the main parts on the dragon's body will create synergy. I'll also have to apply further highlights to the rest of the red to ensure it all pops.

And then, teeth, claws... yup, there's lots to do, the intimidation factor remains and I've not even built Elpseth herself yet!

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