Thursday, 7 March 2013

Goblins and Horus Heresy work in progress

I wasn't going to switch my PC on today, the theory being that I could focus on painting, but the close focus of that seems to have left me with a pounding in my head.

I've chugged some Coke, swallowed down painkillers and am feeling somewhat improved, but for a bit longer I am going to avoid squinting at my little men! It gives me a chance to show what I'm working on (because staring at a PC screen is a really smart way to fend off a headache right?) so I've snapped some pictures.

Deathshroud Terminators

I already have one squad of these awesome models done and these ones are getting close too. This isn't a bad pic to show because I can give a pretty good impression of my painting process. It shows things at various stages.

After primering the different bits I lay down some tones with my airbrush. These are the first steps with just about anything I paint. On the Deathshroud Termies it was bone for the armour and green for the pads. I often have to remind myself that the shading's going to tone the models back down again, otherwise I don't take things far enough. As a general rule, once it looks like I've gone a little bit too far with the highlights I'm probably in the right place!


Once preliminary work is done on the armour I often get bases completed. This is just something that makes sense to do while I have the airbrush out and saves having to clean it many times.

After a base colour I mostly spray the highlights, then different colour glazes (which I do at a very low pressure for maximum control, otherwise the thin ink can make spider leg type trails across the surface) with my airbrush. When that dries a final drybrush picks out the top spots and edges and I finish things off by painting the base edges with black.

I always edge my bases with black and I don't understand why anyone (I'm looking at you Games Workshop and the 'Eavy Metal team) would do differently. Browns never look as classy in my eyes and sometimes they clash and look plain odd.

With bases painted I glue on clump foliage and tufts and move onto adding the details to the models. As you can see, I'm only just getting going with that. I'm picking out all the metal and once that's done I'll start to shade it with washes at the same time as the armour.


I'm also busy at work on some more Forge World Goblin command. These guys, like the Termies, have had all the spraying done and I'm working away on picking out details.

I did what can only be described as a fairly crappy job on the tendrils of power around the Shaman. My airbrush got a little gunked up while I was working. A sensible chap would have done it again, but I'm not that guy! So, I'll have to do plenty of brush work and glazing to make it really pop.

If this picture looks a tad odd, I photographed it the other way up, then spun it through 180 degrees, which has created a bit of an odd perspective effect!

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