Saturday, 2 March 2013

Hello Mr Roboto; J3FF the overly cute Robot

Despite feeling (very marginally) guilty in a fanboy way about staying up until 2am last night to watch Transformers 2 (take your time, forgiveness is not always an upfront thing) I awoke breezy and excited. This is unusual. I hate life and the world generally considers itself my enemy (and usually it wins) but as I woke, my eyes open wide and marginally confused, I was filled with further joy - I had finished my current commission and had a small gap in my time. Excitement!

Home of all things ROBOTIE!

Late last week I received an awesomely, super-tronic cool package in the post. It was from the new and in the shape of a J3FF. No.13 J3FF to be precise according to the box, making me the 13th coolest person with a robot. Brilliant! I could put my shameless watching and enjoyment of Transformers down to 'painting research'. Result.

No. 13. My J3FF

For those of you who are not familiar with FILBOT, it is a new company created and run by Mr Fil Dunn; 'Eavy metal painter extraordinaire and all round bloody nice guy. You will have doubtlessly seen his work through the years in Games Workshop articles and more but Fil is also known for his love (nay obsession) of all things mecha.

And no doubt you will have seen some of his conversions out there of mighty sci-fi robotic war machines  They ooze cool and show a level of care, attention to detail that we could all do with a dose of.

The ultimate of all kit-bashes!

After leaving GW and settling into family life I think the robotic itch just wouldn't let go of Fil. In between painting brilliant models and rearing his spawn he set to work on a project named MAKO.

As this was nearing its completion it became clear that Fil had more in mind than just making his own scratch built Mecha. He took the finished piece and went into business producing limited runs of the MAKO which was a great success. Seeing the popularity he indulged his fancy more and is now waist deep in rivets, plasticard and wires making more. He manages to to this and raise a family. Hobby dude hero!

Pure robot awesome

So what could he do for his second product? How could he beat the massive (titan size) MAKO and its contemporary AI WAR platform look? With a J3FF of course!

J3FF is at the complete other end of the robot genre. Smaller scale (roughly 28mm) and cute. It usually causes me weeks of headaches and insane rantings referring to any thing as cute and cool... But J3FF manages to bring the two things together expertly. Cute and cool. Wow, I'm still OK don't panic!

The style is very Pixar / Disney but still has a massive appeal to me; a massively nerdy wargaming sci-fi geek. The more I look at J3FF the more sinister and menacing he becomes. I mean, come on, how can a robot be that friendly and nice looking and not be evil. We've all seen the historical document films of the future!

Accurate historical future recording

To Run alongside his release Fil has set up a competition. People buying a J3FF can paint him up and enter a painting competition on that runs into this month (check out the site for detail).

The lucky winner will not only receive the stompingly awesome MAKO for themselves but their colour scheme for will also become the de-facto colour scheme for J3FF in the advertising. That is pretty damn sweet for any one!

don't fall for the cuteness

Well with a menacingly cute J3FF staring at me, how can I not enter? The only question is, is J3FF going to be the first mini I unleash my  phenomenal cosmic air brush powers on? (phenomenal in that, right now I have none...)

I think he might just be!

I shall, if you are lucky enough, update you on my progress with this! Yes, I am very kind. Good night!


  1. We shall have a bot-off, for I have one incoming now too. :D

  2. A bot-off.
    An unfortunate title I think...