Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Love Forge World - Hate toothbrushing their models!

Just a quick post to say that my Forge World order arrived yesterday after being posted on Monday afternoon. The models were released on Friday so that's a little bit lame of Forge World, but the quality of the minis themselves soften the blow.

I spent yesterday evening scrubbing release agent from them with a toothbrush and water (which is right up there with my most hated hobby duties) and they are all ready to paint now. The K'Daai Fireborn are on hold but the aim for today is to get focused and plough through with the rest until I can't paint any more due to tiredness, which could well happen some time tomorrow morning. It may not be the healthiest way to work, but it is the way I seem to do best at right now!

It's possible that I'll have the Deathshroud Termies and the Goblin Command all finished by then. Not likely, but possible! Hopefully there will be a funky update tomorrow. :)

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Clearing my mini mountain - The first three minis

Thanks to Dave Taylor for his comment in my last post. Checking his numbers against my list has revealed that the first of my many old minis to be painted will be:

  • Sigismund The Emperor's Champion - Games Workshop
  • Malifaux Rat - Wyrd Miniatures
  • The Baroness - JoeK Minis
This isn't too challenging for me to get started with - none are too complex and two are already prepped, which is a major bonus! Over the next few weeks (perhaps less time if I get inspired) I'll be working on these between bigger projects. Some little treats to keep me sane while I bash out armies!

Monday, 28 January 2013

Opening Pandora's Box - My unpainted minis from way back when

Last year I spent a good bit of time sorting through my minis, deciding what I wanted to keep and what I could live without. The hardcore collectors may be horrified to hear this, but I ended up being really severe, eBayed thousands of models and reduced my mini mountain by a good 95% or so.

The truth is they were getting me down. Even if I painted at a speedy rate there was no way I'd have conquered them in decades and I'd kinda given up on the idea of doing them at all.

It was hard at first, but the more models I sold, the more I realised I'd accumulated a ton of stuff I didn't even want to paint any more!

Some of my random minis

Dark Angels full force

Pushing the capabilities of my camera's depth of field with this one, here's what I think I'll have to call a beauty shot of all the Dark Angels stuff I've painted over the last few weeks, gathered together, ready to smite the Fallen and lay waste to the Emperor's enemies.

This is a pretty wide image, so be ready for some scrolling!

This is the biggest mass of well painted Marines I've ever assembled and it still boggles my mind a bit that I managed to get so many done so quickly and keep them looking good.

I've stuck this group picture on CMoN if you feel like giving me a 10 as a reward for all my hard work! ;)

And if you missed any of my Dark Angels posts, you can see them all here.

Prelude to Chaos part 2 - How to build your models for speeeeeeed

I really like these new chariots and I've already gotten busy painting a batch of them...

In my head! :p

Perhaps I should explain so as not to sound like a total hobby psycho eh? :) I am a fastidious planner with most things, be it cooking, budgets, chores or my hobby. I make to-do lists, I go over jobs in my head thoroughly and repeatedly, I prepare every little detail. In fact, sometimes I'm so busy planning that I end up completely failing to do things due to a lack of time! 

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Blood Angels Death Company Stormraven Gunship - Finished pics

I've had two of these beastly flying tanks sitting in my collection for quite a long time and in a rare leap of logic, I decided that while working on the very black Ravenwing it made sense to paint a very black Death Company Stormraven.

I'm pretty happy with how it came out. It's certainly a fairly imposing sight, a fairly large kit and I do worry that it will topple off that flying stand at some point and crush whatever unfortunate minis are placed below!

All of this excitement painting flyers is making me pine for a Thunderhawk kit to play with... but a plastic Thunderhawk please, resin seems like way too much work. I can't even imagine the psychosis required to build one of those things when it was made in metal.

Ravenwing flyers round 2 - Finished pics

Finishing the latest Dark Angel flyers a few weeks back seems to have filled me with a keen desire to paint vehicles. Over the last few days I finished off a second Dark Talon and Nephilim Jetfighter. The style is a little different, perhaps a tad cleaner and sharper, but I can't decide which I prefer. All in all, I'm satisfied with these new ones but perhaps slightly favour the first two I painted.


Painted cockpits

I made a few changes on these. The first is that I painted the canopies. At first I was going to do a reflected sky effect, but then I got to thinking about how to make them really pop. As the lights scattered around them were going to be a luminescent green, I also decided to work that colour into the cockpit. So, I've done a reflective green effect with my airbrush, spraying in some quite comic book styled reflection stripes. This probably set the tone for the rest of the models, ensuring they'd be a bit less realistic and more sharp edged and popping.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Prelude to Chaos part 1 - New WoC online!

I've been a fan of many of GW's recent releases (as you can probably see from the masses of Dark Angels in the blog) but the previous wave of Warhammer Chaos didn't blow me away. There was nothing particularly wrong with it and Festus and Valkia are both very appealing single minis, but for whatever reason the models didn't inspire that dark, obsessive, hobby part of my brain that can prove so dangerous and lead to me seriously hammering my bank account and spending days chopping, gluing and painting diddy wee men.

This time it's different, very different... Oh dear!

Dark Vengeance Deathwing Terminators - Finished pics

I've had these models sitting around since I bought up a few copies of the Limited Edition Dark Vengeance. I managed to paint a complete force for the Chaos contingent from the game, but until now I hadn't put in any work on the Marines still loyal to the Emperor. With the practice I'd had on the Knights, command squad and tanks I figured it made sense to get them done and I really enjoyed painting them.

Vote for them at CMoN if you fancy.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Old school gaming in foreign lands

And the Geordie has landed! Huzzah I hear you all cry. Well, I can’t hear you, but I know you must be because as everyone knows, I rock and you've all felt my absence…  yeah definitely…

I've had many things happening, including having to go to Turkey for a week or so. I know tough isn't it? Being me isn't all cheese toasties and Roses!

Whilst in this awesome country I was sat in a lovely open bar on the beach when the Turkish man who was keeping my belly full grinned and vanished. Something in my demeanor had given him a hint that I was a dice obsessed freak. Maybe it was the absent minded fondling going on in my pants...

No, not that! I always have a few dice in my pocket at any given time and they must be fussed over constantly lest they let me down on the war torn table top. It’s true.
When he returned he reverently placed a wooden box in front of me, carefully opened it (cue Gregorian chant music type chanty stuff) and as he did so it creaked with that creak that promises awesome. Inside were two wooden dice (yes you can get wooden dice, older tech earlier generation type stuff but work just the same as our modern ones) and a set of domino sized blocks hinged to the side of the box with numbers 1-9 on them.

Deathwing Land Raider - Finished pics

And here's my second Land Raider, a standard one this time.

I seem to be getting a bit of a second wind as far as energy goes (it may be the massive sugar dose I just consumed in the form of a very tasty chocolate muffin) so I'll try and describe some techniques I used a bit better.

The main body is painted with an airbrush, picking out edges and light hotspots in lighter tones. I use a piece of card to form a simple and easilly maneuverable mask. As I progress the highlights I use it to create sharply defined breaks between light highlights and dark tones, which gives the tank extra depth and volume.

The chipping was added by dabbing foam (the stuff that used to come with Citadel Miniatures) onto edges and parts that would naturally get a lot of wear and tear. I did this in dark brown paint, then over that I added some silver on the most heavily exposed parts.

I worked out a new trick today too. Using the same foam technique I added masking fluid under the areas where I put the symbols. I then made some stencils and sprayed in various logo designs (the swords, the numbers, the scroll, etc.) and once I was done, I rubbed off the masking fluid to simulate wear and tear. Normally I'd have added the mask with a brush, but this new method gave a finish that better matched the previous battle damage. I'll be using it again.

You can vote for the Land Raider at CMoN.

Deathwing Land Raider Crusader - Finished pics

I've been busy and I'm pleased with how my tanks look. The Dark Angels force sitting on my desk's getting pretty impressive now because all the Terminators have transports (I'm painting another squad of Deathwing to ruin that though!).

I'll stick up shots of the standard Land Raider later, but for now, here's the Crusader variant.

CMoN votey linky thingy.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Forge World new releases are ordered!

More minis have been bought in the form of new Forge World releases. Hip hip hooray, it's a happy holiday!

Normally I'd head to Warhammer World to get the models but I'm staying away from Nottingham for a while right now so I've had to get them shipped. I don't know how quickly new releases get delivered, but I'm hoping to have them by Monday 28th at the latest. If anyone reading this has experience of FW deliveries please let me know in the comments. :) Hopefully the casting quality will be fine.

Forge World order
Yes, please take all my money Mr Forge World!

New Warriors of Chaos

Oooh, in all my busy painting time I managed to miss the sneaky shots of the next release for Warhammer. Not Demons like I had heard, but Warriors of Chaos. And you know what, I'm excited.

  • There are some really cool looking models here
  • Some of them are going to be awesome to paint
  • New Dragon Ogres will fit into my Ogre Kingdoms army for some characterful variation in units!
  • Paul and I were already planning on doing a massive joint WoC army in a few month's time. These will make it way more varied and exciting.

So, the pictures have been around for a while now, but I've done my best to clean them up to get a better look at them. Hopefully folks will find them a bit easier on the eyes than the (slightly blurrier) shots elsewhere. The names with each thing are a bit of guess work from info I've seen on rumour threads.

Chaos Lord

Starting things off with what I think is probably the most old school styled and traditionally iconic of the new Chaos minis, this Lord is rather nice. Plastic I believe and I think he'll be a lot of fun to paint and, should folks desire to do so, convert. He gets a big thumbs up from me. I'll have half a dozen! (I think that's a joke...)

Chaos Lord

Lots of vehicular goodies on the go

I slacked off a fair bit yesterday and only did a small amount of painting. I was due a break after the madness of the Dark Angels though, so I don't feel too bad about it. It gave me a chance to browse the internet and catch up on some reading, but I did do a little bit of paint work on vehicles.

To show how I progress and how many sub-assembly parts I have broken my vehicles down to I've snapped some pictures.

Land Raider and Land Raider Crusader

As you can see from the main body parts, I've left the side and roof off so that I can paint the interior on these. I just fancy having that extra level of detail on the Land Raiders because it's quite practical in a game to flip open the mechanical doors and have your Terminators emerging (and it looks rather cool too).

By leaving the roof and right side off (the left side is the best one to fix in place because the mechanism for the opening door is located within it) I'll be able to paint that interior pretty easilly, then I can finally glue it all together.

Ive done all the work I can for now on the tank tracks and will add them once the main body of the tank is painted. They will then be weathered and finished off. The side weapons were built up after I'd painted them in the metal colours and they still need much more work to add depth and detail.

Land Raider parts

Weapons and tank tracks

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Deathwing command squad - Finished pics

Starting to get a bit tired of adding new posts about finished minis to the blog. All this photographing, cropping and posting is exhausting! ;)

Rather happy with how these guys came out. They sit very nicely next to the Knights and once I get the two Land Raiders painted they should all look particularly spanky together.

I actually tried a slightly different approach to the armour on these compared to the Knights, taking the initial highlights with my airbrush up to white, then toning them back down with Reikland Flesh shade washes. I think it's provided a wee bit more depth and smoothness.

CMoN votey link

Ravenwing bikers - Finished pics

Vrooooom! Here are the photos of the Black Knights and biker command. Hope folks are into them. :)

Round up and painting plan

I don't think a weekly post charting my progress and plans (which I had intended to do) is the greatest idea now I've had the blog running for a while. I've been too busy painting toy soldiers to reflect on how things went painting toy soldiers! If you want to see how I'm progressing you can look at the photos of my models that I stick up here pretty regularly. But, from time to time I'll still stick a 'what's going on with me?' type post online. This is one of them. I suppose it is is a bit of thinly veiled brag post, but let's not focus on that eh? ;)

Soooo many minis!

If you look at the 'James' 2013 Hobby Output' summary to the right (unless you are using the stripped down mobile site) you'll see that I've built and painted a veritable shit ton of models so far. 2013 is off to a blistering start, which makes me extremely happy.

Land Speeder Vengeance - Finished pics

With the amount of Ravenwing I painted last week (there are also six bikes that I'm going to stick on the blog tomorrow to add to the two flyers and two skimmers) I am officially, no longer, not once, cross my heart, honest guv, 100% never again going to state that I'm scared of painting minis black.

It's the end of a very long era of fear. Whoop whoop!

What changed, what helped me overcome my dislike of the colour? Painfully simple really - I stopped avoiding it and just got on with it. Funny that eh? As with life, the same is true in mini painting - man up, stop procrastinating, leave the excuses behind and get it done.

Anyhow, here is the Vengeance in all it's plasma spitting glory. You can rate it at CMoN if you like that sort of shenanigans.

Landspeeder Vengeance

Belial and Asmodai - Dark Angels characters done!

After my insanely long painting session yesterday I got myself to bed really early and had about 11 hours sleep. You know how sometimes you wake up feeling awful after a long sleep? There was none of that, just full-on chirpy, chipper James, happy with my efforts and ready for another round at the hobby table. I think (touch wood) my persistant cold is on its way out as an added bonus. Hurrah!

As promised, photos of more Dark Angels in the form of the two new characters, Belial and Asmodai.


I confess, I wasn't convinced by Belial from the pictures on the web. The sculpt work is pretty nice, don't get me wrong, I like how he looks, but something about the pose didn't click for me. I want the Master of the Deathwing to be in a furious war pose, not standing there in his 'look at me, I'm a Space Marine fashion model showing off the latest in power sword and storm bolter for this season' pose. But, once I had him built he was really nice to paint. The flowing cloak stuff mixed in with the tactical dreadnought armour is a cool look and he sits very nicely in amongst my Deathwing Knights.


Sunday, 20 January 2013

Land Speeder Darkshroud - Finished pics

I have just finished up a big old painting session and am feeling really burnt out now. My focal range has gone wrong! But, as you'll see from my painted minis total on the right hand side of the blog, I've done loads and the month's not even through. In fact, all the Dark Angels I bought in my per-order are complete.

I'm planning on dropping a load of pics tomorrow but I don't want to leave folks waiting around with nothing to whet the appetite. So, here's the Darkshroud - A barmy skimmer that carries around a treasured artifact from old Calibain.

You could rate the model on CMoN if you are the sort who likes to click a number in a radio button. :)

Friday, 18 January 2013

Deathwing Knights - Finished pics

I feel a bit mixed about the job I've done on these. I'm not unhappy with them at all, but before I got going I planned to make them look a bit darker and more badass and hardcore. I'm also thinking that perhaps some weathering would have been an interesting addition, but I'm marking them off as done regardless. The last thing I want to do is overwork them (and I have tons of extra Dark Angels to do).

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Dark Talon - Finished pics

I have to say, I'm still not 100% convinced about the aerodynamic qualities that adding monastery parts to a jet provides. Having said that, the Dark Talon sits on the right side of the mad fence for me... I think!

This proved to be a bigger challenge than the Jetfighter and I don't like the final job quite as much, but still fairly happy with it. I really enjoyed doing these kits. They are the first 'proper' flyer type models I've done for 40k (painted a Heldrake at the end of last year, but that's really wacky. These at least somewhat resemble a practical flyer) and they've left me in the mood for more. I have some Stormravens boxed up and ready to be built, so I might have a go at them soon. Obviously not for the Dark Angels though.

Should you feel like voting on it, you can find it at CMoN

Nephilim Jetfighter - Finished pics

So, this ended up looking pretty darned tootin' even if I do say so myself. I generally find it tricky to like my paint jobs, I can often see all sorts of things I'm not happy with and could be better. Well, there's plenty that could be improved here if I get hyper critical and break things down, but all in all, I am very chuffed with how stuff came together.

It's painted to a standard that has led to me swooshing it through the air and making "Dakka dakka!", "Fwoooosh!" and "Psheeeew!" noises, which I think means that I've done good! ;)

Should you feel like voting on it, you can find it at CMoN.

Monday, 14 January 2013

Ravenwing flyers swooping in

I'm done with painting the Dark Talon and Nephilim Jetfighter and I have to say, I'm pretty happy with how they have turned out. I'll do some proper pictures tomorrow, but for now, here are some quick snaps I've taken with my camera flash (which has put some of the colour and contrast out a bit) rather than a proper lighting setup.

The bases will be done along with the rest of the Dark Angels stuff I still have to paint later on in the week.

Dark Talon

Dark Talon

Nephilim Jetfighter

Nephilim Jetfighter

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Dark Talon and Nephilim Jetfighter WIP

After a hefty bit of trimming and gluing I'm underway with painting the new Dark Angels. First up are their two new flyers. I can't work out if I've made good progress with these or not just yet, but I'm happy with how the bits I've done look.  I need to add some washes to give the stone parts extra depth and smoothness still and the metal obviously needs washing too.

Friday, 11 January 2013

Awesome FW models and exciting GW demon rumours

I'm all about the planning. It doesn't matter that I have hundreds of models to paint and more on their way already - I need more of my hobby crack cocaine!

Far too frequently the evil dealers at Forge World have been preying on my weakness and lightening my wallet of late and it looks like a few of their next releases will find a home on my painting desk straight away.

Deathshroud Terminators

Ogres aplenty

Three Ironbreakers, six bull pirates (who I’m probably most pleased with) and another 11 bulls are ready to go to war. I love it when a plan comes together!

Ogre pirates front view

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Sedition Wars. Sci-fi awesome

Mid last year, during a sunny day filled with not much in particular I got to trawling the internet.

No... not for that. For toy soldiers and all things with lazer beams and pew pew noises. You just can't beat a good pew pew inspired range.

After a few hours of trying to find a Dune table top game, convincing myself there must just must be one as Dune is pretty much one of table top sci-fi's greatest sources of inspiration, I stumbled onto Kickstarter.

This made sure i had plenty of toys to play with this month and less money to worry about. Awesome.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Ogres on the way

It feels pretty good to finally get started on these guys. Like far too many of my projects, they have been ready to go for years. In fact, these ogres were bought on advanced order back in 2005 when I worked for GW!

The command for the large bulls unit.

Monday, 7 January 2013

Aim for the Head! Do it! Mantic Games Z-corp

Sometimes the easiest, quickest, kit-bashing paint jobs are the best. Months ago now the Mantic Games lads landed at my door, bearing last minute paint job 'gifts' for me. How kind of them.

They'd formulated a Halloween promotion pack: the Z-corp. A simple idea - corporation trooper sprues and Kings of War Zombie sprues (really nice fantasy Zombies) combined. Just stick them together and paint them up all messy and zombie-like they said. And then they scarpered while I was still thinking "ah messy and zombie-like... sounds like Nurgley shenanigans to me, mmm fester-licious."

Bleedin' hobby ninjas!

The Future. Making time for my toys.

So, as the new year moves on I find my self with muchos, muchos work to do. No bad thing when its commissions and brings in the pennies you say. Of course not. But, the more work I have to do the more I am drawn to wanting to do my own stuff. You may be aware that I am a rather fanatical chaos player. So much so that my long suffering wife made me a scarf to match my Nurgle Marine army. Bless her. Yes, that's how much I rule.

So as these ideas bubble and ferment in the ravages of my mind how do I make sure I can work on them? How do I decide just what to do? I mean I want to do more Nurgle. You can never have enough Nurgle I say. Or should I branch out? Should I just do an other army all together? Or even an other system? Warmachine Rhulic Dwarfs are always trying to get attention in my head. Little buggers.

7th – 13th January – painting plan

Every Monday morning (or afternoon if I’m being lazy) I’m going to post a list of my goals for the coming week.

I’m a sucker for planning things out and, although there’s always a danger I will spend too much time making lists (Don’t forget the dots. The James likes dots!) and not enough time painting, being organised gets me geared up for the work ahead.

I have all sorts of projects left over from 2012 that need doing at the moment, so it’s a bit of a mixed bag this week.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Super deformed warfare in Rivet Wars

Cool Mini or Not launched their latest Kickstarter - Rivet Wars - on Friday and, true to form, it’s already clocked up close to $150k and passed some of its stretch goals.

Artwork from Rivet Wars
Some awesome Rivet Wars artwork

Digital White Dwarf - January 2013 (part one)

New Year, new blog, new reasons to check out what’s happening in White Dwarf! (If you want to skip my preamble and get to details about this issue, head to the ‘How interested is James?’ section)

GW’s oft maligned magazine has found more favour since its redesign four issues ago and although I could see some improvements in the first of the new issues there were plenty of teething problems. I've flicked through the next issues in store rather than spending my pennies on them, but with the fourth issue out this month it feels like it's fair to examine things in a bit more detail.

Saturday, 5 January 2013

A sample of my painting

Allow me to share with you all my work from the last year or so, well some of it anyway. Please forgive me, my pictures are not as pretty as girly boy's (James') But hopefully they will fully convey what I like doing.

River Troll

River Troll

Merry new blog watsits... and hello!

Well, it would appear that people have again seen fit to allow me another method of interacting with the real world... Huzzah!

Many of you may know who I am, but, for those fortunate out there in the big bad hobby world who have never stumbled in to my ample shadow at events, tournaments, etc. allow my self to introduce... my erm self...

My name is Paul Scott. I am more commonly known out there to you lot as Geordie Paul or Slotty. I fell into wargaming and modelling way back in the 80s. Yes there was an 80s many moons ago. White Dwarf hooked me on to miniatures at the age 10. From that day I really never allowed myself to gain too much interest in anything else, I mean come on... the older I get the more legitimate it is for me to still play with toy soldiers. It rocks.

Dark Angels Incoming!

Oops, I seem to have spent £260 on Dark Angels...

In my defence, I did get them at 20% off through Element Games, so really it's like I've made money... that's how it works right?

Anyway, Dark Angels were the first army I ever painted for 40k and I'm still quite fond of them, despite their background and 'dark secret' leaving them open to a lot of mickey taking. So, I'm quite excited about painting these despite black and cream being two of my least favourite colours to apply. Staying in a positive mindset and seeing these as an interesting challenge rather than a burden for now, hoping I won't change my mind when I get started next weekend!

Stuff I painted last year

To give an idea of what to expect from this blog, here are some of my favourite things that I worked on in 2012. You can see lots more on my Cool Mini or Not gallery where I am known as Lono.

A clown having the colour drained from him
An entry for Wyrd's Iron Painter competition - the theme was 3 Colours Only

A Chaos Dwarf Blood Bowl team
A Chaos Dwarf Blood Bowl team

New year, new blog

Hello and welcome to this fresh and shiny new blog.

I'm very excited about the hobby plans I have for the year ahead and will do my best to spread that enthusiasm here, like a dirty infection of toy soldier based influenza sweeping across the internet. And talking of dirty infections, my brother in painting arms, Paul Scott, will also be posting his hobby goings on here too! ;)