Sunday, 24 February 2013

Fatha Nurgle's Plague Prophet - all the cool kids follow him...

BOOM! like a meteor hitting northern Russia I am back! Don't weep with delight, your respectful and awe-inspired silence is more than enough to fill me with joy...

Anyway! For the last month or so I have been bereft of the t'interweb. But today my service (poor choice of words) provider has seen fit to let me loose on the public again. You lucky lucky people.

My time offline has not been spent idly  As well as doing super-secret-things for Mr Alessio Cavatore and his upcoming LOKA game I have also seen fit to do kit-bash prep for my new 40k army. No surprise, its Nurgle themed! You may be aware that I like Nurgle just a little bit by now and in a previous post I talked breifly about the awesome chap below.

Big boss man Nurgle chap

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Salute 2013 - I'm in, who's with me?

The rather awesome event that is Salute 2013 is fast approaching. This big and wide-ranging show of marvelous mini geekery will be held on Saturday 20 April at ExCeL London and if you've never been it's well worth the trip.

For starters, it's only £10 for a ticket to the show and you get a free model (and some other handouts) when you enter. Bargain! I wish GW would take a leaf out of the South London Warlord's book when it comes to their Games Day ticket prices and show models for sure!

The flat out awesome Salute 2012 free mini, sculpted by JAG

Slaughterbrute number two in progress

Hi everybody! (Hi Doctor James!)

Thought I'd best stick up a wee post to show that although I've not done too much painting over the last few days I've not been completely unproductive... though I have kinda... and that's been much needed, so get off my back damn it! ;)

Here are some work in progress pics I hastilly snapped of the second Slaughterbrute I bought. This guy's much more in line with the 'Eavy Metal scheme as I have done the pale belly, but it still has a touch of my own style and the alternate head too, which varies things up a bit. I will of course be adding some grime and splatter to that big pale expanse of flesh!

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Mutalith Vortex Beast - Finished pics

This was an interesting one. I didn't exactly plan anything about the look and colours, it developed as I went. I think the nature of the kit (mental!) drove me into the direction of rather unusual colour selections. I am guessing it will not be to everyone's tastes and perhaps it looks a bit jarring and odd amongst the moody darkness of a Chaos horde, but I actually see that as rather fitting for a creature this wild.

I started out painting the blue, which is done with a stash of really ancient Citadel paints I found. They are the white tops, from the days of the Ork and Eldar paint set and coloured metallics. I'd guess they are a good 15 years old and still really awesome in their consistency. No clue what the colours are as they had no labels on them. Sorry!

Slaughterbrute - Finished pics

After the monotony of painting so many chariots (which I'm so disenchanted with that I can't even bring myself to put them up on the blog just yet!) and Dragon Ogres it's been a welcome and much needed break to do something more organic. I didn't go wild on this guy, mostly sticking to a similar scheme to the 'Eavy Metal one, but he was primarily skin rather than metal, so that was awesome! :)

I've done him with a magma look - warm skin and the upper carapace to look like the dark upper crust of rock.

The eyes on this guy came out pretty cool. I think the black lines make them look much better than just going for pure yellow without a pupil.

As always, he's on CMoN if you feel like voting for him.

Chaos Lord - Finished pics

It's been quite a while since I've painted a standard human sized single mini and it was really nice to change up the pace with this guy. It kinda brought back my love of painting a bit! There are some areas I'm happier than others with, but in all I think the overall look works rather well.

I like how the cloak worked out and the richness in the gold. I'm also fairly pleased with the little hints of purple on his sword scabbard and bag which vary things up a bit. If I was to go back to him I'd probably vary the skin tone of the face by adding in some warmer colours rather than the blue grey shades. As it is it doesn't quite pop out enough from the look of the armour.

Anyway, here he is, and he's also on CMoN.

Monday, 11 February 2013

Masses of Dragon Ogres - Finished pics

I got these guys done over the weekend, but only photographed them today. I used a different coloured background because I felt that the pale one I used on the pics of the first three wasn't giving them the dark, broody, Chaotic look that I desired in the photos. I think they look better for it now.

As a full unit I guess the best way to describe them would be terrifying. Get charged by all 12 of these bad boys, you're gonna feel it! :)

I'll just stick a few pictures of the smaller units here because the full one is much more fun. You can see more at the CMoN links if you want to though:

Unit 2
Unit 3
Unit 4
Full horde of Dragon Ogres

Friday, 8 February 2013

The Chaos horde is almost there

I'm almost done with a load of Chaos models so I took this snap on my iPad to share. The force would be finished, but for an unexpected visit from my cousin today. So, I'm a wee bit behind schedule, but that's no bad thing really - it's important to have some decent social contact for a change. I've done an extreme amount of painting so far this year and I'd hate to slip out of geek territory and into the world of the nerd by becoming too obsessive. ;)

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Dragon Ogres - Finished pics

I really like these new Dragon Ogres and they were pretty pleasurable to paint. As with the chariots, the big hurdle stopping me from getting them done was how many I was working on at once, so I finished up this group of three for the sake of sanity during the completion of the rest.

They are on CMoN.

Gorebeast and normal chariots - Finished pics

Pics of freshly done models - it's about time eh? I'll start out with this big drop of chariot pictures and add a second post for the Dragon Ogres which I've also finished.

Although I've only completed one of each of the chariots, I have also done most of the work on another four. I was getting really burnt out with them, so I figured it would be a good plan to finish some models off and keep my motivation going. This is the result. I'll be back at completing the rest soon.

Monday, 4 February 2013

Batch painting Dragon Ogres and Chariots

The Chaos horde is underway and despite a few things conspiring against me I've made good progress.

Start out with the bad news

The first mini disaster was running out of Vallejo Black Primer before I could finish spraying the last parts and bases I've made. Bugger!

I have a standard spray can primer which will be OK for those in the interim, but I'll be ordering more once I've put this post live. It is brilliant stuff - one of my hobby essentials. A 200ml bottle sprayed through my airbrush has lasted me a ridiculously long time considering how many models I paint. Not only is it the most economical way I've found to prime models, the finish is wonderful too. Put it on your shopping list if you don't have some!

Buy some, it's brilliant!

Saturday, 2 February 2013

So much Chaos!

I did mention in an earlier post that I was excited about the Chaos releases right? I have enough of them to open up as a small independent stockist of GW products!

This haul consists of:

  • 2 Chaos Lords
  • 2 Vilitch the Curseling
  • 2 Throgg
  • 2 Slaughterbrutes
  • 2 Mutalith Vortex Beasts
  • 6 Chariots
  • 12 Dragon Ogres
  • No Forsaken. Sorry, but they are a bit yucky looking, so no complete set of new stuff this time around!
Lots of painting for me over the coming weeks then!

FW Deathshrouds and Goblins - Finished pics

I didn't get as much done on these as I expected in the end. The majority of the other Deathshroud Termies and the rest of the Gobbos are done too, but I got somewhat distracted by my Chaos models getting to me nice and early, so my time has been spent building them.

But, I've got some new stuff to show, so that's good! :)

Deathshroud Terminators